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“I wrote The Complete Guide to Day Trading a bit like a road map, or a how-to manual. Nothing would make me happier then if every copy we sell becomes mangled and beat up, filled with creased spines, dog-eared pages, and notes scribbled in margins. That’s the whole point – it’s a hands-on guide to trading success.”

~ Markus Heitkoetter​

From well-known professionals in the industry to novice traders just starting out, it's unanimous: Heitkoetter's best-selling book is the definitive guide when it comes to consistent profits and true success through the art of day trading!

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What people are saying about The Complete Guide to Day Trading:

If you’re looking for a great trading book that shows you how to profit from a balance of technical tools and usable trading experience lessons, look no further.

Glen Larson / President and CEO of Genesis Financial Technologies

As a former instructor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and founder of Commodity Boot Camp, I wish this book were given out by every instructor in our classes. It is a nice overview of the pitfalls and opportunities that exist in day trading. Before you go down the day trading path, spend time and seriously consider reading this "easy to read" overview.

Neal Weintraub / Professional Author, Trader, & Instructor

If you are interested in day trading, this is definitely a book you must check out before jumping in. Easy to read and understand, entertaining, and right to the point... A great book from Markus Heitkoetter!

Francesc Riverola / CEO & Founder of

Markus covers everything you need to know to get started in serious day trading. If you have tried other methods before and are not happy with your results, or even if you are completely new to the idea of making money online with day trading, you owe it to yourself to read this book and take action.

David J. Kosmider / Founder of Hill Seven, Inc. and

It's so important to be prepared when entering the challenging world of day trading. Markus Heitkoetter is one of the best educators in the industry.

Dan Blystone / Professional Trader and Founder of

I have been trading for 22 years, full-time for over 16 years. There are few traders out there who I feel have a well-rounded understanding of what is necessary to be a successful trader. After reading The Complete Guide to Day Trading, I feel that Markus Heitkoetter is one of those traders.

In trading, context is everything. You can have great entry and exit signals, but if you don't address other important factors such as money management, fear, greed, and developing a trading plan, you only have a small part of a big puzzle. This is what I like about The Complete Guide to Day Trading - it provides the context necessary to cover other critical aspects of success.

I would highly recommend The Complete Guide to Day Trading as preparation for anyone who is considering day trading... It will save you many, many costly mistakes while setting up a solid foundation from which to build your day trading plan.

Ryan Jones / Author of The Trading Game: Playing By The Numbers to Make Millions

Just finished the book and I must say, [Markus] hit on all the points necessary to become a successful trader. I specifically liked [his] keep it simple approach. Most traders look for the Holy Grail and use too many indicators that only give opposing signals, which may cause confusion to set in.

From a traders standpoint, it’s paramount to define, develop, and execute a plan even before placing your first trade. Most novice traders are enticed into trading by claims of how easy it is to make money, etc. As [Markus] points out, trading is not easy, but if the ideas from this book are implemented, you may just increase your ability to make profits.

I wish this book was around 10 years ago! It is a step-by-step approach on how to be successful as a trader and what to do if you want to make this a full-time career. Nice job!

John Correnti / Vice President of Marketing at MVP

There are plenty of books out there that can teach you about daytrading, but I'm not sure there are any other books like Markus Heitkoetter's The Complete Guide to Day Trading. What I especially like about the book is that for an experienced trader like myself, the book was a terrific review down "memory lane"... Heitkoetter's book had me get focused on doing things right again.

Norman Hallett / CEO of Subconscious Training Corporation

Markus Heitkoetter has created a valuable guide for anyone interested in exploring the world of day trading. Mr. Heitkoetter has carefully laid out all the preliminaries that one should consider before embarking on such an undertaking. His book serves as a checklist of essential things such as what markets to trade, what time-frames are best, what hardware is required, how to select a broker and data provider, and the importance of a written trading plan, back-testing, and strict risk control measures.

The book gives a great overview of various trading approaches. Any good financial educator knows that it’s advisable to engage in further study before leaping head-first into something like live day trading, and Heitkoetter is no exception. He includes valuable reference lists for just that, as well as a sample trading log that displays important summary trade statistics.

Overall, this book is highly recommended for anyone considering day trading.

Gary Antonacci / Author of Optimal Commodity Investing